A Mini-Documentary

Results From a Problem Based Class, September 2009
The University of Vermont and Iowa State University

In September of 2009, a group of students and professors from the University of Vermont and Iowa State University met in Iowa with a goal to better understand the current trends in agriculture and to discuss the future of food production. The group met with farmers, politicians, private interest groups, researchers, water experts and energy specialists to get as many perspectives as possible.

Iowa is the largest producer of corn and soybeans in the country. It is also the largest producer of hogs and layers (egg chickens). The dominant agricultural methods, known commonly as “conventional” farming, are dependent on high petroleum inputs, pesticides, GMO crops and mechanization.

Each person interviewed was asked three questions:
What is the current state of agriculture in Iowa?
Where is agriculture going?
What is your vision for a better food system in Iowa?

We encourage you – however you feel about these issues – to become more involved with the food systems and policies that have such a great effect on us all.

Edited by
Hillary Archer and Julian Post

Videography and Interviews by
Lee Gross

Special Thanks to (in alphabetical order)
Bill Northey
Chris Jones
Craig Lang
Dr. Francis Thicke
Kamyar Enshayan
Kevin Dietzel
Dr. Lee Burras
Linda Kinman
Mark Tjelmeland
Dr. Matt Helmers
Norm Olson
Rich Dana
Susan Jutz
Dr. Tom Isenhart

ISU Professors & Affiliates
Andy Larson, ISU Extension
Gretchen Zdorkowski, Professor of Agronomy
Jeri Neal, Leopold Center of Ecology
Dr. Matt Liebman, Professor of Agricultural Ecology

ISU Graduate Students
Drake Larsen
Mae Rose Petrehn
Meghann Jarchow
Nick McCann
Nick Ohde
Nikki D'Adamo
Phil Damery
Ranae Dietzel
Sara Kaplan
Stefan Gailans
Theo Gunther

UVM Professors & Affiliates
Dr. Bob Costanza Professor & Director, Gund Institute
Meghan Sheradin, Director Vermont Fresh Network

UVM Graduate Students
Ida Kubiszewski
Julian Post (Undergraduate)
Lee Gross
Marc Merriman

Music by danosongs.com
Sunspark - Alternative Rock
Imagine Magneta - Upbeat Funky Back Beats

For more more information, contact Julian Post at jpost@uvm.edu

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