Hey this Dino from Westside Professional with an AHMIR contest rap entry. I hope you all enjoy the production and feel free to vote. youtube.com/ahmirTV Comment "I vote for Profess!"

Lyrics- Profess
16 bars could never do you justice
I'd cross 16 worlds to prove my love for 'just us'
Girl you are the apple of my eye
The quintessential woman for whom I would die (for)
When you're by my side, I feel so high
Next level life-- higher existence -- Cloud 9
You beauty, magnificence and glow-- so fly
[Your] commitment is witness (divine)-- so why
Would I engage in high risk behavior
jeopardizing our mutual investment like an insider trader?
(You know) as of late I've been a bit of a playwright
My aberrant character unleashed don't play right
I admit I was wrong-- no lie
You anger-- justified
But can't we re try?
My character revised-- there's no more disguise in me
So please baby please won't you come back to me?

Again if you like what you hear and or see visit youtube.com/ahmirTV and comment "I vote for Profess!" Thank you for your time and support.

Footage from student final film project
Thanks to the actors and DP!

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