This is an assignment for my Video Editing class.
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No subtitles available, but here are his words:

"dun dun duh

My name is Derrick McDonald, my friends call me face.. be because I have one. I.. I like to make music videos for the deaf. And that, that's it. Why do I make sign language videos? Well, I want to be famous, and I want to be an interpreter too, I assume that learning sign language would help. Plus, you know, making music for the deaf is a pretty cool concept.

My videos are pretty much just straight through-one shot. I never really have them edited. When I do my videos is it like I'm performing in front of a crowd? No. Its just my camera there, I can do whatever I want and it doesn't feel weird at all. Although.. potentially trillions of people could see this. Mmhm, trillions.

Iono, I usually do all my videos at night. Probably around 12 to 6 in the morning, just practicing and going. Cause I don't have much to do, well. I don't have much to do during the day either. Usually, in one session, it takes me about all night to do a video, cause I do it over and over and over again. 'Cause I keep messing up. But then it I stop for an hour or so, then do it and then I get it right! ..but ..but then I end up hating the song because I heard it fifty times in one night.

I learned sign language from my ex-girlfriend. Her name is Toni, likes to go by Shadow-lette. I met her in school. She was into ICP which is one of my favorite bands.. hint. hint. But it was really cool that she was a deaf lette. She liked music but she couldn't hear it. I was like, well, I can't pass this up. And I had a dream that I went up and hugged her, but I guess it wasn't a dream and I actually did it. So then we started going out. And I had to learn it, couldn't talk to her. It was so annoying writing of paper to her back and forth, back and forth. They don't write the same we do. Like 'I'm not dumb. I just deaf. I hate deaf.' Aw, just so sad.

I hope to gain more, I guess, popularity on the Internet through YouTube. Hopefully make more deaf friends. I want to be able to hang out with them more frequently so I can learn, talk more. They're a riot to be with, they are so fun, they're super funny. Pretty Much everyone I have met are.

I have used other people in my videos, And one time I put. Oh actually two times I put an animal in my video. The first time was my dog through this whole song 'Kiss The Girl'. He's a boy named Zach. At the end of the song I picked him up and spun him around. and then I kissed him!~

Am I proud of my work? I love it. People compliment me on it. Its really.. I dunno, its something that not alot of people would do. And if they do do it, I will be better.

Okay, so here's the real part. I make the sign language videos because I think it's unfair that they don't have anything out there. It's this really cool sense that we have, and they're missing it so I want to try and to give that to them as a gift. I know it doesn't help them hear or anything, but at least they can interpret it a little well. a little bit.


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