The seafood industry currently lacks a standardized, widespread method to easily trace the chain of custody of products that they purchase. With global overfishing leading to declining fish stocks around the world, it is vital for seafood providers to have the ability to identify and buy products from sustainable fisheries that are well managed, target abundant species, and fish or farm in environmentally responsible ways. A tracing system that incorporates a combination of online inventory reporting and physical product tagging, augmented by independent supply chain verification, will give companies and consumers the information they need to make sustainable seafood choices.

Project Members
Jamie Gibbon
Connor Hastings
Tucker Hirsch
Kristen Hislop
Eric Stevens

Project Advisors
Hunter Lenihan
John Melack

We would like to thank Dr. Kim Selkoe and Dr. Chris Costello for their efforts in proposing this project; Monterey Bay Aquarium and Santa Monica Seafood for all their help and expertise; and all of our industry contacts for their time and opinions.

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