From the upcoming Get Together EP release.

Donovan de Souza - Lead, Rap and Backing Vocals, Hand Claps
Casey Ormond - Korg SV-1
Michelle Anderson - Guitar, Hand Claps
Julien Zanin - Bass
John Brown - Drums
Ben Smith - Trumpet
Katie Hodson - Trombone
Sean Patrick Little - Tenor Sax
Alan and Judicia de Souza - Hand Claps

Song by Donovan de Souza/Tom Drummond
Horn Arrangement by Casey Ormond
Vocal Arrangement by Donovan de Souza
Rhythm Arrangement by the Accumulated Gestures
Produced and Engineered by Donovan de Souza for Groove Alive Productions

Once again, for the recording geeks out there, the microphones used:

AKG D112 (Kick Drum)
Cascade Fat Head II w/Lundahl Transformers (Guitar Cab, Bass Cab, Bottom Snare, Hi-Hat, Backing Vocals)
Rode K2 (Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Tenor Sax, Hand Claps)
Rode NT5 (Drum Overheads)
Shure SM57 (Top Snare)

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