Big, long, hefty, uncut iPad discussion for this week ending the 04/04/10: The Internet won't shutup about the Apple iPad, where is slate/tablet computing going, how will it be used, what will be the winning apps, who will use it, why will they use it, and all the arguments surrounding these questions, plus sports journalism being taken over by artificial replacements, special olympics soon to be far more interesting than the "real olympics", and free streaming becoming the norm right now, and into the future.

Please visit the website to see the full show notes and links:

Stories covered this week:

April Fools Day on the Web, Apple iPad, Boingboing: Don't Buy an iPad, Apple vs Android App Deployment, Reddit: How Apple is Aiming to Control the Environment, Why Japan Didn't Create the iPod, Why The Japanese Hate the iPhone, A 2008 Comparison of iPhone vs Japanese Phone Capabilities, Japanese Social Networking is All Mobile-Based, Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader, Wall Street Journal $17.29 Per Month on iPad, Sports Illustrated Slate/Tablet Computer Concept Video, Prefab: Pixel-Based Reverse Engineering, Userscripts - Enhance Websites You Use, GreaseMonkey Firefox Plugin, Userstyles: Reddit Dark Theme, US Court Says Human Gene Cannot Be Patented, eBay DNA Synthesizers, StatSheet to Create Artificial Journalists, SingularityHub: Automating Sports Coverage, Robot Journalist, 2010 Special Olympics Nebraska, TED: Aimee Mullins on Running, Grooveshark Stream Free Music, $100 Android Tablet, The JooJoo Tablet, Netflix Movie Streaming, HPlus Magazine: Memristors, Synapse on a Chip, "Smart Dust" Spacecraft Warning Prototypes, XKCD: Earthquake Seismic Waves, iPad Internals Revealed

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