Joanna works in a liquor store owned by her husband Hernando. Out of hate for him she convinces Jairo, her lover, to rob the liquor store and run away together. On the day of the heist things turn out different, revealing a series of unexpected relationships between the characters.

This short film is the second installment of the El Día Negro trilogy. It is preceded by Hoy es un día distinto and followed by Esto es un revolver.

Cast: Patricia Castañeda, Blas Jaramillo, Hector García, Daniel Páez

Director: Pablo González
Writer: Pablo González
Producer: Sarah Calderón
Cinematography: Juan Cristobal Cobo
Production Design: Yasmín Guitérrez
Sound: César Salazar
Set Photographer: Alejandra Vega
Editor: Pablo González

13min / Bogotá / 2006

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