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"The flag was first used by Metis fighters in 1816. It is the oldest Canadian patriotic flag indigenous to Canada. As a symbol of nationhood, the Metis flag predates Canada’s Maple Leaf flag by about 150 years.

Both flags use a horizontal figure eight, or infinity symbol. This represents the coming together of two distinct and vibrant cultures, European and indigenous, to produce a distinctly new culture, the Metis. It symbolizes the creation of a new society with roots in both Aboriginal and European cultures and traditions. The sky blue background emphasizes the infinity symbol and suggests that the Metis people will exist forever."


What if pixels were free? What if they could trade their computer-given red, green, and blue values in pursuit of a profit?

The Colour Economy imagines an artificial economy of pixels, in which individual 'traders' exchange colour.

The Colour Economy is a project by Jer Thorp ( and was built with Processing v. 0135.

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