We did not have a script, but we had an idea. We did not have lots of time to plan. We did not do everything as we should have done. We did not shoot all the scenes we intendended to shoot (because we forgot a few), but that didn't really matter in the end. This is the humble result of 4 friends, a camera, a mask and a woodcutting machine.

There's a surprise after the credits. ;)

The song in the video is Not Of The Fallen by the band Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start

And for the technerds out there (like me), it is shot with a Canon HV20 in HDV 25P with 1/2000 Shutter Speed via TV-mode. Color corrected, cut and rendered in Vegas as .mp4 1280 x 720 Variable Bit Rate Average 6 000 000, Max 10 000 000 bps.

Btw this movie has a sibling made with the same footage but cut together by one of the friends with whom I shot this one (we cut together one each). So That'll be uploaded on my accont as well, you can find it here, vimeo.com/1106889

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