A rap video for the Future Leader Category played on the 13th annual More Honors award ceremony. The show takes place in the American University in Bulgaria and its purpose is to mock the unmockable and speak the unspeakable.


As I step in the room the best thing to do
Is tag along, play the song lookin fresh in a suit
Clothes pressed, TOEFL test: 172
I’m the reason the world invests in the youth
I’ma playa by nature and always on the roll
Eyes always on the ball on the court showin off
I could have gone to pros but my SAT
Instead of NBA got me to NAB
There’s no way that I can not pay for half a meal
cause I gotta mass appeal that will earn me half a mill
plus a woman intuition, charisma and a vision
so I send hugz to DAD for paying my tuition

AUBG is the place 2B
All my brothas are at AUBG
This amazing dream is the place 2B
You can find the hoes at the ЮЗУ canteen

Third year, I feel like I’ve read a book of life
ma CV is a War n Peace look-alike
Step up to me you don’t know what I’ma do
Find where you live and debate the shit out of you
Like 50 cent you can find me in a club
BCC, PTP, hiking and such
Shootin’ like Cupid just partying it up
you might wanna duck like a child in a tub
No chalga or guns, we are tired of arms
I drill, baby, drill but only fire alarm
I am the wind of change, I am Windows 8
I am the realest yet that even the winners hate


I win ladies with arguments, thesis statement and confidence
Some day on other continents signing important documents
I’m here for you folks can’t you see all along?
And if you can't see let me be your dog
I’m one in a thousand – the campus hero
So when I leave you’ll be left with only zeros
Years of activities, tolerance and lectures
Have prepared me for the real-life adventures
And this can be taken out of context
I’ll miss AUBG like the retarded contest
get the party started, meeting my business partners
Hello new world, shout out to all my colleagues

UCLA is the place to be
All my brothers are at Nov bylgarski
The ЮЗУ dream is the place to be
You can find the hoes at AUBG

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