It’s not every day you get to hack your dinner with an anarchist, computer whiz, chef- unless you are one like Marc Powell. We had the pleasure of attending a Unicorn Precinct 13 Supper Club and hanging out for a bit before the cooking frenzy. Marc shares his views on cooking/eating as social networking, anarchy, everyday revolution and why good food is essential for political motivation.

A thread we’ve been noticing with a lot of the folks we’ve been interviewing has been community building through simple green actions. Cooking, composting, creating energy- all this knowledge needs to be shared and built with a support network of people. It just depends on the strategies that allow you to make time to get there.

As Marc says here:

A lot of people came out here in the dotcom days…they spent all their life, 80 hours a week, working on computers and when they got laid off, they had no support networks…but if they had spent 40 hours a week, they could have spent that extra time making a social network…maybe we all just cook together. You have to have those survival strategies and you can’t do that when you’re working…12 hours a day.

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