Take Strong Action Now to Stop Gender-Based Violence in Haiti
“The way you saw the earth shake, that's how our bodies are shaking now” described one woman of a secondary humanitarian crisis facing the women and girls of Haiti.

As Haiti’s earthquake toppled buildings, it also toppled social structures that provided Haitian women some protection against sexual violence. Rape was widespread before January 12, but the hundreds of thousands of women now living on the streets or in camps, often without their family and neighborhood networks, are more vulnerable than ever.

We produced a set of videos with Partners in Health and the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti in connection with Haiti's 2010 earthquake. These videos were designed to expose the fact that despite raising $2.5 billion and heavily advertising great successes, international aid organizations were still not getting aid to the majority of the biggest camps in Port au Prince (where many Haitians are still living, even two years after the disaster).

This video, featuring testimonies from three courageous young Haitian women, focuses on the rape epidemic after the earthquake. It was shown to several members of Congress and helped persuade them to lobby USAID to allocate more money to anti-gender-based violence efforts. These efforts resulted in the authorization of significant money in USAID grants to fight gender-based violence.
Special thanks to Harriet Hirshorn for shaping and editing this video and to Sandy Berkowitz for shooting it.

Take a look at more of Harriet's work here: raboteau-trial.info/ and youtube.com/watch?v=SV0nTf78Vwc, and Sandy's work here: vimeo.com/user3252062.

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