Welcome to the Sim Man Programming Course preparatory material, presented by the Patient Safety Institute of the North Shore-LIJ Health System. This video is intended to be viewed prior to attending the course. You will reap the most benefit from the programming course if you practice using the graphic user interface prior to class.

The video is 52 minutes long and covers all aspects of the GUI. You can proceed at your own pace, using the slider at the bottom of the video window to advance or rewind the video as necessary. The first several minutes are devoted to installing the software. If you have already installed the software, you can skip these sections.

You may download this video to your computer! Toward the bottom of this page is an icon to download a QuickTime version of the movie. You may be asked to create a Vimeo account to do so. Creating an account is free and they do not send spam email. The advantage to doing this is you will have the movie file on your computer and can view it regardless of your internet connection. If you prefer not to download, you will have to watch the movie within Vimeo; playback performance may be limited by your internet connection.

Introduction: 0:05
Downloading the software from the web: 3:06
Installing the software: 5:42
Introduction to the GUI: 9:34
Respiratory Controls: 12:28
The Manikin Control Diagram: 15:32
Monitor Controls: 29:45
Controlling the patient monitor with the GUI: 36:14
The Event Log: 41:00
Event Menus: 44:43
Trend timeline, starting and stopping scenarios: 48:17

Enjoy. We look forward to seeing you in class.

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