I have entered this competition so I can share my message with people who are in the process of, or embarking on change, embrace the process to manifest their heart's desire.
Many people who over the years who have seen and read the book have urged me to publish it.

What one reader said:
"When I first picked up Emergings I had mixed feelings that this was 'one of those flashy, hidden message books' that was long on promise but short on delivery.
What I found was an exciting and motivating book that lives up to it's name. As I read the poems and looked at the pictures that accompany them I had my own emerging experience and both felt the message as well as experienced the authors emotions, wisdom and feelings. What an incredible experience. This is more than a book - it's and experience and one you'll find yourself returning to again and again.
The graphics are exceptional and the poetry conveys emotion and wisdom."- Bill Vick, Boomers Next Step

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