Hologramy, augmented reality, virtual goody stuff for this week ending the 18/04/10: 3D holograms progressing at a nice pace, future concept videos worthy of attention for an amazing world ahead, virtual goods raking in some mega cash across the globe, will robots or humans to go to Mars in 2030s, and random tidbits of hilarity from Richard Branson and sodomy to Emma Watson and photoshopped boobs!

Please visit the website to see the full show notes and links: hive45.com/shows/episode-12-holograms-virtual-goods/

Stories covered this week:
SingularityHub: 3D Holograms in a Box, XBOX Natal Project, PlayStation Move, Wii MotionPlus, Firefly TV Series, Forbes: Your Life in 2020, Nokia Augmented Reality Tech Glasses Video, AT&T 'You Will' Future Concept Videos From 1993, Microsoft Office Labs Future Envisioning Videos, Blizzard Makes $2million in 4 Hours From Virtual Horse, Dude Plans to Live on Virtual Currency For a Year, Virtual Goods Are Huge Business in China, Tencent: China's Largest Internet Company, QZone Chinese Social Networking Site, TweetDeck, Seesmic, NASA & GM To Launch Humanoid Robot To ISS, Obama: Man to Mars by Mid-2030s & Reddit Thread, Google Working on Interplanetary Internet, TED: Choir As Big As The Internet, TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO Guy, The Face of Tomorrow Mashup Photos, Photoshop Content-Aware Fill Not Quite There Yet, Winscape Artificial Windows Video

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