Your body's omega-3 index measures the concentration of the omega-3s, EPA and DHA, as a percent of total fatty acids in red blood cells. The index is an indication of risk to heart disease. Identifying your omega-3 index is easier than you thought. Test your omega-3 IQ at

VO: What’s your Omega-3 index?
Interviewee#1: Pfffffffh..I have no idea what my Omega-3 index is
Interviewee#2: I have one [starts to laugh]
Interviewee#3: There must be some sort of way of determining that you have the right amount of B-Omega-3 in your body
Interviewee#4: I have no idea what an Omega-3 index is
Interviewee#5: It’s probably either a measurement of erm, ..Omega-3 fatty acids in my blood
Interviewee#6: I have no idea what my Omega-3 index would be…. erm I’m gonna say it’s a 10
Super: ‘knowing your Omenga-3 index may help support your heart health.’
Interviewee#7: I would actually like to consult a trained professional on that before I throw out a number
VO: “test your omega-3 IQ at”

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