I'm going to be shooting a lot of handheld video next week and I was curious what my best bet is for image stabilization without a tripod.

I've got a few lenses with IS but I'd also like the option of using my 50mm prime. I recently purchased a Steadepod (discovered at cheesycam.com/?p=322). Although it is really just a glorified DIY project (youtube.com/watch?v=LLlJl7TbXTA), the easily retractable cord made it worth the $$ for me. If you're interested in trying this concept, you may want to build the $1 DIY version first to see how you like it.

To test the steadepod's effectiveness, I taped a piece of paper with a target drawn on it to the wall and then used the little white focus box on the camera's Live View display as a reference against my target mark. I tried to hold the camera as steady as possible while keeping it pointed directly at the target.

NOTE: The various trials in the video are slowed down to 33% of actual speed so you can get a better look at the motion.

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