‘’ The Money Anthem of the Year ‘’

In today’s dancehall arena singing about wanting money would be quite the norm but would be historic and uncommon for the gospel arena. However, Christ inspired artistes Mr. J from Nassua Bahamas along with DJ Evangelist from Canada/ Guyanese born has shaken the entire music world with their new Single ‘’Money we want’’. After hearing such a title for a Christian based composition I would have normally put my interest elsewhere.
With the addictive hook I began to listen attentively to the lyrics. While I was expecting the
lyrics to convince me that they were just Christian artiste gone wrong for the love of money, girls, lust, etc. I was surprised by the lyrical content of the song as it was far from the typical stereotype. Even though the lyrics spoke for itself, I wanted to connect with these two artiste to achieve an unbiased review, so through the management of dancehallgospel.com. I was able to connect with DJ Evangelist and Mr.J. I had one main question for both artistes that generated their detailed response. What inspired you to sing about Money?

Response :

Mr. J: Myself and DJ Evangelist teamed up to compose this hit single for several reasons. We felt it’s about time that the minds that are in mental bondage should be released from their chains. We both want to be in that position of great wealth where we can help others i.e. Build schools, shelters, real record deals etc.

DJ Evangelist: “One of my inspirations was that I was tired of other artistes with incorrect motives singing about money and seeing wealth following them and most of the Christian artiste are broke and can’t even pay their rent. We should be speaking it to life just like any other miracle.” He also quoted several scriptures “ask and you shall receive.” If we are the head and not the tail then, why are most Christian folks broke? “The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just.” “Death and life are in the power of the tongue just include some faith.” Then Mr.J with his unforgettable laugh wrapped up our conversation by saying just look out for the music video because if you need money for anything, Christ can provide so you should start singing the song. They joyfully laughed.

Title: Money We Want
Written and sang by Reza Ally (DJ Evangelist) Gesner Dalmon ( Mr.J)
Recorded and Produced by Changers Records/DJ Essence
Instrumental by DJ Frass Clearance Riddim
Video: Director Royston Kuffy
Video Editor Jim Keegan
Video production Assistant Mark Chaterpaul
Camera Man- Owen Bucknor
Shot in Toronto Canada.

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