Me and my friend Mike Christensen set out to make our first "short film" ever. With no editiing skills whatsoever and a stolen soundtrack we set out to make a really cool and funny video. Mike wanted to wear a red bicycle outfit and dance in public, i wanted to film it. And as we started making up scenes got the idea that the story should start at our theater workshop. So we asked our drama teacher to just start yelling at Mike, and so we basically had the whole story right there. Mike gets tells her to sod off and leaves in a true rock'n'roll manner.

For you that doesn't understand swedish, our drama teacher yells at Mike because hes 3 hours late and isn't even dressed yet. She tells him to get the outfit, and so he does. But when he gets back she's still irritated and points out every mistake he does. And so, Mike takes out a cd-player, turns on Mr Flash's Over The Top and leaves the building. And so his quest to live his life fully instead of under oppression begins.

The text in the very end says "Have an awesome time in Portugal, Mike". Since he's going to bicycle his way down to Portugal during the summer.

The music is by Mr Flash with "Over The Top" and Datarock with "The Pretender". We didn't take part in the creation of the music. I know it doesn't follow the rules of vimeo, but i since a lot of vimeo users seem to do it i'm just gonna presume it's an accepted crime.

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