Shipping coolers manufactured with a combination of corrugated and “Green Cell” foam panels are a great replacement for legacy polystyrene based products. Green Cell is a biomass foam product in which the main component is corn.

Green Cell foam has benefits at both the front end of the cycle as well as the back end. Green cell takes up to 70% less energy to produce than standard petroleum based products. The material also is manufactured with a carbon based blowing agent. The blowing agent for production is H2O. This makes it a cleaner foam during the production process.

In your mission to achieve a zero-waste environment enterprise, Green Cell also offers many more disposal options than other temperature control foams. It can be reused as long as the foam is kept contained and not open to the environment. It is biodegradable in less than 180 days so it can be buried by the end user. The foam is compostable. It can be burned and in the worst case scenario it will reduce size and mass significantly in a land fill.

This product is proven to meet the objectives of even the most comprehensive sustainable policies. Made in the USA. Details found at Landaal Packaging Systems web site -

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