FÍS (literally translated as 'Vision') Athlone, Human Kaleidoplex Segment 001 of 054 is part of an interactive site specific installation.

Using photographs of discarded or seemingly ephemeral objects from within the space, I attempted to provide an experience in which the participant was invited to reinterpret their value. (The image used for this specific segment may be seen below on the right.)

Full set of the images used are here: flickr.com/photos/pixelgreasepublishing/sets/72157623809662705/

Based in sacred patterns and mathematics, the 'Human Kaleidoplex' examines the way in which we experience the space that we inhabit, and the meaning given to it. Questioning ideas of illusion, transformation, and boundary.

A 32" LCD screen was placed at eye level at the end of a 9' matte black corridor. As participants entered the corridor, motion sensors and cameras activated the Kaleidescopic images on the screen. Participants were then able to interact with the composition, generating patterns and images based upon their movement and reflections within the space.

"Deirdre Ohlwein experiments with assorted combinations of photography, illustration, and computational media in order to create interactive experiences. Looking to ideas of dynamic abstraction & sacred geometry as the basis for further investigation."

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