"Produced by Shaman's International and filmed by Eric Stomberger"
Bucky Fuller loved this. This is PART 2 of a 4 part series, one per week. My colleague, Bob Marshall [deceased] ranting about the Auric Key 2520 and Om #108 on the rational nature of number, the base wave in natural numbers. Don't worry, it took me 10 years to get it enough to write our text; you'll g...et the hang of it. It isn't arithematic or mathematics - it's numeronomy (NOT numerology). Maximal information encoded in minimal graphic elements. Retrocity of numbers. Sacred geometry, etc. See syndex1.iwarp.com and syndex2.iwarp.com
Syndex I & II are about the spiritual and universal beauty of numbers. They reflect the order and beauty of nature, but also of psyche. According to Jung, number unifies the physical and psychic (as in "realm of the psyche", not fortunetelling) worlds through synchronicity. Jung's basic ideas about the unity of knowledge and existence are in principle synonymous with the Platonic tradition, alchemy, Qabala and Gnosticism. Plato treated the end product of the evolution of mathematical concepts, (a fixed system of idealized objects), as an independent beginning point of the evolution of the "world of things." This concrete form of philosophy was determined by the nature of Greek mathematics.

These philosophies seek to reconcile the actual condition with a hypothetical distant ideal, which expansively incorporates both personal and universal dimensions. It is an inward-oriented epistemology. By intuitive perception we can consciously reiterate the laws of Nature and mind which are equivalent to the archetypes themselves. Belief in the essential aspect of the mathematical as a real world, a "last reality" underlies the surprising efficiency of mathematics in the natural sciences and technology.There is a relationship between number dynamics and geometry that is pre-arithmatical, pre-mathematical. SYNDEX encodes the maximal amount of information in the minimal amount of graphic elements, disclosing circular unity in the natural geometry of number and a basewave in the natural number system.

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