For more information about this film, its creator, and what you can do to raise awareness about infertility, please visit

Thank you to everyone who has shared this video online with others. Every person who shares this with another helps to raise awareness about infertility. Please continue this grassroots advocacy by continuing to share this video online!

My hope is that this video illustrates the "everydayness" of coping with infertility and that by publicly "outing" myself and my struggle with infertility that I can help erase some of the stigma surrounding the subject. I hope I can be a voice for those women and couples who can't speak up or speak out for themselves.

What IF we no longer remain silent about our infertility What IF we give infertility a face, a name, a story? What IF we can become a positive force for change?

What IF we don't give up hope?

Winner: Hope Award for Best Viral Video, RESOLVE - 2010; Grand Prize Video, "This Is Me" Video Contest, - 2010.

UPDATE: After 3 and a half years of living with infertility, Keiko is due with her first child in June 2013. You can read more about her pregnancy at and learn more about infertility advocacy and empowerment at

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