These awesome guys flew me out to North Carolina to shoot their music video! I brought only clothes, a 7D with some Nikon-mount Zeiss DSLR lenses, and no tripod.

We shot it over the course of two days on Matt the lead guitarist's property and in an old abandoned textile mill. We drove around to all the band member's houses and stole their parents lamps for the video.

Near the end of day one while shooting the band set-up inside the textile mill my nikon to canon adaptor ring broke and got stuck on my Nikon 50mm lens. So for all the solo vignette shots of the lead singer surrounded by lamps I am hand-holding a 17mm Nikon lens on the Canon 7D camera body and wiggling it around, it created a cool hand-held tilt-shift effect that never would have happened if my adaptor ring hadn't broken! What a happy accident!

It was really fun shooting the car accident scenes because everyone came out to watch. At one point a car full of people drove by horrified that I was filming people who had just died in an accident, and when the dead people woke up and said "oh no it's just a movie" the people in the car freaked out and started screaming! It was hilarious!

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