This project was started back before I knew anything about video editing. It is a small montage of me and some friends/family doing what we do best... keeping it trill.

The entire video was created in iMovie HD on my iMac. You may notice while there really is nothing quality about this video, it's still full of win. Please try not to make sense of anything you see here and let the awesome take over. If you don't enjoy watching awesome things, I am sorry. =)

We shot this art with so many different devices I would not know where to start. Most of the devices being cell phones. You can tell by the amazing resolution. All stunts were performed by the trillest niggas alive. No one was really harmed during the making of this film. I guess we will try harder next time.

Enjoy. And... suck it!

Artist: Linkin Park
Song: Paper Cut


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