In 2009, the state government of Rio de Janeiro had launched the project of building walls that limit the growth of communities in the city. The construction of the so called Eco-limits is a debate which involves social and environmental issues that currently pose a major
challenge to large urban centers.

The official argument which defines the "ecolimite" as an environmental issue, is criticized by its segregationist character. Two million dollars were spent in the construction of approximately 650 meters of a wall 3 meters tall.

Driven by the discussions as well as by the government initiatives they came up with the idea of thinking about social barriers, both physical and symbolic, broadly addressing different points of view.

The photographers Lucas Zappa, Gustavo Pellizzon and Marcio Isensee ( IZP), documented the construction and the impact of the wall in the Favela Santa Marta, which is part of the original urbanization project that includes police occupation.

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