this is the final version of my choreography for camera dancefilm.
music used with the generous ok of asthmatic kitty records.

i chose 3 ideas from a dance solo i work on at the moment, fall (push), skin (space/ surface) and repetition to film my footage and edit the material. I had approximately 6min of raw footage, shot in 15 min after a short instruction on how to use a camera.
Tried to use the idea of choreographing through editing,
i am just learning how to use final cut pro, so be patient ;) never worked with film before, this is my first attempt and i´m already keen to buy a mac and final cut pro when i´m rich and famous.
dancers are myself, Katrin Neue, and Karen Gleeson. camera Karen Gleeson and Erika Charters.

Film screened at
Dance Day, Limerick 2012
Cork Film Festival - Motion Pictures (curated dance film evening), 2012

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