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cmivfx.com - cmiVFX launches its latest Full Feature training video in Houdini Generating Regional Procedural City Skeletons using Real GPS Data. Once again on the cutting edge of creating real world projects, cmiVFX demonstrates how to import map data and create Virtual Cities from around the world.

Generating cities or street level data previously would take weeks or months and a team of artist. cmiVFX has streamlined that process with this innovative New Houdini series of creating skeleton cities. When it comes to high end CG and VFX training, there is only once choice... cmiVFX!

This video is available today at the cmiVFX store for a Special Introductory Offer Price! Don’t forget about the cmiSubscription plan! Get one today.

cmiVFX launched the most affordable subscription plan in Visual FX Training History for only $299 USD, and if you were a subscriber, this New Training Release would already be in your account.

For more information on our subscriptions: cmiVFX | cmivfx.com/productpages/product.aspx?name=Subscriptions_And_Pricing Houdini: – Generating Regional Procedural City Skeletons cmiVFX cmivfx.com/productpages/product.aspx?name=Houdini_XML_Based_Procedural_Cities

There is an increasing demand for creating virtual cities for film and broadcasting projects, however getting a city built and prepare it for deployment is not an easy task. The time and resources spent can be very time consuming and costly. cmiVFX provides an innovative solution in automating this virtual city generation process and reduces the time considerably as well as the resources allocated.

Nothing is better than Houdini for such projects, but this course is not limited to just this application, the techniques demonstrated here can be utilized with any other 3D application and it will work the same.

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