This Little thumbnail sketch is of one of my best friends and mentors that I was fortunate enough to be able to work with learn from starting in 1982. This quick view is into the Adventurious life of USAF Chief Master Sgt. Douglas Morrell.This True Hero and his life is on par with other true stories of courage and valor from a generation that was also responsible for the great Stalag escapes of 1943-44, The ploesti Air Raids, and the D-Day invasion of Fortress Europe.

Born just after the 1st World War, Doug Morrell lives a exciting life!!! He starts out in 1938 as an US Army Air Corps Flying Sgt and ultimately works in Hollywood learning the Film Business for the US Army Air Corps... he moves to the air to cover the Air War with the likes of , Ernie Pyle, Edward R Murrow,and Andy Rooney. Doug films combat in B-17's, and B-24's over Germany,Italy and Romania. Shot Down twice in World War II, He would come to define the best Qualities of Combat Camera and survive to get Shot down again over the Ho Chi Man Trail in 1968. As Doug now says,"My Pilot still Owes me a Landing"
Doug is now 95 and still living on his own in a small, comfortable house in Southern California!...

God Bless You Doug!

From a historic footnote: Doug Morrell became the inspirational Patron Saint of Air Force Combat Cameramen long before the Air Combat Camera Service was absorbed thru Air Force downsizing and restructuring and given to the USAF Comm Branch and even later, USAF Public Affairs.

Unfortunately USAF Combat Camera was transformed by 1995 into what the highly decorated and highly revered military photo journalist, SMsgt.Michael Haggerty- humorously refered to as a "Self-licking Ice Cream Cone of self-absorbed, self-proclaimed pseudo-significance of self importance..". In actuality, the former "Combat Camera" was now becoming a tactical and strategic example of pictorial impotence and self parody.

Perhaps the Spirit of Doug Morrell and his spirit of adventure and service before self..will one day be re-discovered by service documentary makers.

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