On April 23rd 2010 the Eidos Institute Board, in partnership with the State Library of Queensland, hosted our first breakfast for 2010 with John Daley, CEO of Grattan Institute and past Managing Director of E*TRADE. John's presentation, Adapting the Australian Economy to Emit Less Carbon, looked at Grattan Institute's recent report that analyses the impact of carbon pricing on Australian competitiveness, and assesses what should be done to help communities, companies and individuals to be part of a low-carbon economy.

This short clip captures the three main points that John wanted the listeners to remember and share with their networks.

Grattan Institute was formed in November 2008 with an endowment from the Australian Government, the State Government of Victoria, The University of Melbourne and BHP Billiton. The institute aspires to contribute to public policy directions in Australia as a liberal democracy in a globalised economy.Their work is objective, evidence-driven and non-aligned.

The current programs of Grattan Institute focus on productivity growth, cities, school education, energy, and water. These programs were selected as important to Australia’s future, where fact-based analysis could assist the debate, and where they believed key issues could benefit from further public debate.

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