NCCARF Seminar Series: ‘Un-Natural Disasters: the Fractured Science and Politics of Climate Change’ by Professor Barry Smit

Presenter: Professor Barry Smit Canada Research Chair in Global Environmental Change, University of Guelph, Canada.

In ‘Un-Natural Disasters’ Professor Smit will touch on the causes of natural disasters, and examine the roles of the sciences and politics with particular reference to the Copenhagen process and outcomes. He will explore the implications for the international community, including Australia, drawing on his extensive research in Canada, the Arctic, Bangladesh, East Africa, Chile and the South Pacific.

About Professor Smit
Professor Smit specialises in integrated human-physical geography, climate change, environment and resource use, global change, impact and cumulative effects assessment, and international development.

He leads the multidisciplinary Global Environmental Change Group at the University of Guelph, researching the vulnerability and adaptations of communities and socio-economic systems to global environmental changes — especially climate change — in developed and developing countries. Professor Smit’s research also addresses the sustainability of agriculture and agro-ecosystem health, and the implications of changing conditions for resources and livelihoods.

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