This is my fourth-year thesis project, completed for the Multimedia component of my degree.

One night, Mike and I decided we were going to walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls: we were going to videotape everything, and see what would come out of it. I decided to make the video my thesis project.

I sifted through 30 hours of raw footage for the project, and managed to narrow my usable footage down to 9 hours, then to 5 hours, and then 45 minutes. At that point I started presenting the project to friends and family to see their reactions to the film. I specifically tried to screen the video to people that wouldn’t understand inside jokes between Mike & I. With my viewer’s feedback, I managed to cut it down to 17 minutes & 30 seconds without losing what I consider to be the most vital elements.

Two technical issues; the first is shaky camera and the next is audio. Shakiness of the camera lends itself to the theme of the film and so was not avoided in the editing phase, but there are times when I wish that the shaking had not been so great. If I were to undertake a project like this again, I will use a wide angle lens on the camera & be more conscious of camera shake generally. I’ve noted that swinging the camera in my walking stride is no good. The second problem, audio: Mike & I were equipped with microphones for the entire walk. Keeping the mics (& their recording equipment) powered for the entire walk was a challenge which led to our packs being weighed down by batteries. This was very uncomfortable on our backs to say the least & the batteries still ran out. To cut down in the future, I’ll need a more efficient recording apparatus. And next time I won’t try to record every second of audio, which I tried to do in this project. The majority of the audio that I did get for this project would be uninteresting to most people except Mike & I anyway.

132 k was filmed in HDV format on a Canon Vixia HV40. All things considered, the budget to make this video was very low.

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