Savoy Swing Jam 2010 - Short Showcase March 13, 2010
Produced by Mark Kihara (Swing Jam Productions) and Casey Schneider (Right Boot Productions)

0:09 Alex Dupler and Amber Dannals Performance

0:57 7th Avenue Express Performance: Daniel Newsome, Gabriella Cook, Lee Broxson, Rachel Smith, Justin Hill, and Kara Noyes

1:58 Hotsie Totsie Performance: Celeste Olds and Madeline Hopkins

2:42 Brian Gish and Cheryl Crow Performance

3:33 Matt Lam and Kaitlin Russell Performance

4:20 Trankie for Frankie Performance: Kevin Buster, Tim Cheeney, Jaima, Tereesa, Natalie, and Scott Reding

5:20 Damian Cade and Gennie Gebhart Performance

6:23 Michael "Dargoff" Darigol and Carolyn Palma Performance

7:05 Swing-amajig Performance: Jesse Braxton, Sandra Marrow, Steven Stevenson, Leah Stahly, Calle Johansson, and Natalia Borodulina

8:12 Jared Luxenberg and Katie McLaughlin Performance

9:00 Brittany Johnson and Naomi Boswell Performance

Short Showcase
First Place: Swing-amajig
Second Place: 7th Avenue Express
Third Place: Hotsie Totsie

Filmed by Cait Bornicke of Mock Turtle Productions

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