These are the first two parts of a long video art piece.

I was trying to explore all kind of passages between video and photography. At that moment I was fascinated with the idea of Time and how is perceived by the brain, in Edgar Morin's words "as a road on which the traffic can be in both ways and at different speeds".

Thanks to Lucia Draper (the girl) for her patience and understanding. She had to jump, doing a handstand and other pirouettes repeatedly in the interest of Art.

Filmed, edited and sound design by Jorge Cosmen

* Friesland Media Art Festival, TEM Gallery, Academie Leeuwarden, Netherlands (video installation 6 screens)
* Festival des Cinemas Differents de Paris
* Different NEFF (New European Film Festival) European Experimental Exhibition D-NEFF, Vitoria-Gasteiz
* ARCO Madrid
* Resfest Spain
* Loop Barcelona
* Videomix, La casa encendida, Madrid
* CICC Donostia
* Prefigurations, Paris

Barcelona 2005

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