Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine!

Birds are goofy, and I think lots of people know that. They bob their heads in odd ways when they walk, they incessantly peck at food on the ground to the extent that you think they might give themselves brain damage just from all the head banging, and they squeeze out eggs from their rears that turn into more birds. They're funny animals.

Well, I saw this guy while I was walking to the train station to go to work, and I can only imagine what kind of funny voice over or captions could be added to describe what he's doing. Airing out his armpits? Waving to his friends, who clearly want nothing to do with him? Who knows, but I can think of a few different ways that this could play out.

"Hey, hey, hey! Hey guys! Hey guys! Over here, check this out! Hey, over here! No really, come and look! Look at my funny walk. Can you do this? Aww, you just flew away."


"I'm a bat, I'm a bat, I'm a bat, I'm a baaaatttt! Batman! Batbird maybe? No Batmaaaaan! Oh man, he's totally the coolest. Where did I see him? Hmm....where did I....wait, I'm a bird. I don't even know who Batman is!"

Now you try!

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