THE FOUNTAINS OF LAS BURGAS(located in Ourense,Spain)

In the heart of the city you will find these natural mineral thermal water fountains. They give the city of Ourense its identity. Back in ancient times, these fountains were used by the Romans for many reasons.

The fountain below located next to the garden in the back. It’s a fountain with a delayed neoclassic style designed by architect Trillo in the middle of the XIX century. It consists of two fountains in the form of flowers in the front. In the middle of those fountains sits another fountain that pours water into a basin in the shape of a flower.

If you go up the stairs, it will lead you to la Burga do Medio. As we enter, you’ll see a strange rust colored rectangular object. This artwork is called,“La casa de la nube” (Borrajo, 1989). Also in this area is Calpurnia Abana” (Acisclo, 1989)this represents the Ninfas de las aguas.

Characteristics of the thermal water:
Composition: alkaline, bicarbonatado-sódicas, fluoradas and litínicas, mineralización.
Volume: 5 l/sg.
Temperature: 64-67º C.
Relieves or cures: joint pain, infections of the skin

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