On Thursday, January 21, 2010, The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with forensic analyst Robert Genna, presented a one-hour interactive webinar on pedestrian accidents.

During this presentation, Mr. Genna covered the following topics:

1. Could the contact have been avoided?
2. The evaluation process for all motor vehicle collisions
3. How to establish an Area of Impact on the ground/road
4. How to establish an Area of Impact on the pedestrian
5. How to establish an Area of Impact on the vehicle
6. Determining the Line of Sight
7. Speed estimates
8. Suggested questions to be asked at deposition or trial testimony of parties involved

About the Expert
Mr. Genna started working in the forensic science field in 1977. He began working in the trace evidence section of the laboratory, analyzing trace materials such as glass, paint and fibers. After joining the crime scene investigation unit, and processing several homicide scenes, he eventually started specializing in the area of accident reconstruction.

About The TASA Group, Inc.
TASA provides independent testifying and consulting experts to the legal community, within the fields of business, technology, the arts, and science. TASA experts are available locally and nationally, for plaintiff or defense. They assist with various phases of litigation, including case merit evaluation, strategy, education, research, reporting, and testimony. TASA serves law and insurance professionals, businesses, and government agencies.


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