Rantings of a MADMAN Named Hubbard Episode 14

"L Ron Hubbard and his Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Hubbard Racist Joke:

"Now this oddity exists that people can create things they're not taking responisibility for. You'll, you'll notice some parents.. Yeah they can crete kids and not take any responsibility at all. Funny part of it is there's some families in some parts of the world all they is go into kid production you know they take no responsibility for anything they create. Like the story I heard one time, well that neither here nor there. Ahh {chuckle},

A traveler was down in southern part of the United States and he walking down along the bayou he sees an alligator eating a child.

So he runs up to the nearest house and he says to them, he says 'Say [he says] theres a alligator down there eating a child, your child?' And so forth and this old fellow was sitting on the porch steps and he uncoiled himself and leaned inside the house and he says 'Mammys I told you somethin was gettin those chillins!' [laughter]

Thus a person can create and not take any responsibility for the creation. That's what gets most anybody in trouble."

If only Isaac Hayes, Will Smith and many others knew thew truth about how he felt about most minorities they would easily see he was NO Savior!!!!

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