A shut down street created the scene for the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour at the University of Oregon for their 2nd annual Snowboard Club Rail Jam. The tour setup found home on Kincaid Street, the 60-foot asphalt strip separating the University of Oregon campus from the college bars, giving the U of O a strong nightlife reputation.

The festival feel was in full swing, Scion showing off 2008 xB’s and tC’s all pimped out, the Duck was in the house, GORE-TEX gear was put to the ultimate test by allowing anyone to see for themselves how well GORE-TEX products stand up to the gnarliest rain storm, by giving you the opportunity to step into the famous traveling storm chamber simulating over 30mph winds and a torrential down pour. We put our Spyder Venom gear on and put them to the test, and no surprise to us, they worked as good after four months on tour as they did the first day we broke them in at Eclipse Snow Park .
Civil Apparel was also on site telling stories from life on tour while peddling what was left of this year’s line of gear. Clif Bar was in full force sampling and this week this author discovered the new flavor of the week Blueberry Crisp, which is awesome.

The stage was set for a great college snowboarding event, a prime location, 60 of the northwest’s top riders, and a campus that was stoked on the tour, touting it in the school newspaper as the “party of the year” with the homecoming of DJ Wiky who is a University of Oregon student. Riders were stoked as well, for the majority of them; this was their first chance to hit the Cricket Wireless Rail Set that they had been following online for the past four months. With the Red Bull bar stall feature added to the mix riders were pumped to show the rest of the tour the style of the northwest.

It was obvious that the riders were taking notes on how to attack the setup because they threw it down. Matt Kratzer finished off fifth with a front board to 270 out on the kink followed by Jon Montana’s fourth place finish with a backboard to 270 out. Matt Gonzales locked in third place with a 50-50 to switch 50-50 on the kink.

MC Chimpy T ecstatically called out Blake Gies’s steezy nosepress through the kink landing him in second. The crowd knew who locked in first as they roared over Bataleon rider Josh Dwinal with his 50-50 to 360 off.

Raelynd Tarnove topped the ladies for the second time on tour, with a 50-50 to front board on the box. Calvin Brawner and Dan Bruton earned their way into the top 3 for skiers, but Collin Wright thwarted their quest for the top with a ski slide to 450 off on the kink.

A great time was had by all and at the end of the day riders left with prizes in the form of cash and product from Giro and Spyder. The night raged on at Taylor’s the official after-party of the U of O stop and even later at DJ Wiky’s casa as he showcased the new cuts he created while on the road with the Galvanic Crew.

Stay tuned for the final qualifying event recap as well as the results from the Portland Finals.

Snowboard men
1st Josh Dwinal
2nd Blake Geis
3rd Matt Gonzales
4th Jon Montana
5th Matt Kratzer

Snowboard Women
1st Raelynd Tarnove
2nd Kendra Langston
3rd Jamie Walschall

Ski Men
1st Collin Wright
2nd Calvin Brawner
3rd Dan Bruton

A special thanks to all of our tour supporters, without you supporting our scene, there would be no way to have the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour. Together we can grow our sport. Visit campusrailjamtour.com for more.

Music: myspace.com/djwiky

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