555-MYLIFE.COM (don't read if you don't want to be bored to death ;) ) : Years ago, I stumbled upon a short feature from french photographer/director Raymond Depardon named "New York, NY". Just 3 B&W shots of NYC with a narrator (Mr Depardon himself) and sound.
The first shot was a really long travelling next to a bridge and was so amazing that I wondered how he managed to shoot it. Helicopter? RC Plane? I couldn't tell but the result was incredible on a huge theater screen.
A few years ago, an american friend of mine told me "That's the Queensboro Bridge stupid! There's an aerial tramway next to it..."
So for some years now, I've been dreaming of doing the same shot.
Back in january of this year, I had a connecting flight in Newark with a 7 hours time window so I ran to Manhattan just to shoot that video (ok, and enjoy a few hours in this wonderful city).
I didn't have time to rehearse anything, it was a one shot thing and I just stuck my Canon HFS10 with a Raynox 6600 to the window of the tram using a suction cup arm and pressed record.
With a second ride I could have done a much better job but I just wanted that shot to be unique.
Friday morning, I watched my shot on a 30' movie screen with a 2K projector and it looked great so I deciced I could do something about it.
So I tried to tell a little story using that one shot and sound : someone coming back from work, starting to dream about escaping the city (the song ("Asleep from day", Chemical Brothers) was used for a TV commercial for Air France (great commercial too)) and being brought back to reality by sirens.
I could have done a much better job (color grading, sound editing and mixing) but I didn't want to spend more than 2 hours for the whole thing so I just used sounds from a very small sound library I had around.
The original Raymond Depardon short feature can be found on youtube, for some reason his tram was travelling on the left side of the poles so he didn't get all those ugly metal things ruining his shot (the poles would have been a great clue about how he did it)

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