April 23 2010 Forum on AIDS from Truther

One April 23 1984 Dr. Robert Gallo from the NIH in Maryland, USA Gave a press conference along with Margaret Heckler in DC, announcing the “Probable Cause of AIDS”. He supposedly discovered a retro virus from a plasma sample he borrowed from Dr. Luc Montagnier from Institute Pasteur in France originally called LAV then HTLV3, now HIV.

1 Is AIDS A real disease, or is it just an umbrella term for 29 old disease?

2 Is HIV really the cause of so called AIDS, or is it as Professor Deusberg from University of California USA suggests a harmless passenger virus?

3 Does HIV Even exist? Did Dr. Montagnier really discover a new virus?

4 Do drugs like AZT, protease inhibitors really improve immune function, and help a person live longer, or are these drugs the cause of the disease called AIDS?

5 What is health? How does one obtain it? How does one Keep it?

In this forum which I took place on April 23 2010 You will hear what the panel members have to say about these subjects, and a lot more.

On the Panel:

1 Tine Van Der Maas from Johannesburg South Africa. Tine is a wholelistic health Practitioner who specializes in treating so called AIDS patients with simple medicinal herbs, garlic, and lemon juice.

2 Leah Salmon from Dunstable UK. Leah is a health coach, metabolic typing specialist, published author of The Ultimate You, give workshops in Elementary Schools teaching parents how to give their children heathy diets, and make it fun, and tasty for them. Leah worked in allopathic medicine Prior to becoming a health coach. She worked in for allopathic facilities in the UK specializing in AIDS patients. She was skeptical of the AIDS theory then, and is more skeptical now.

3 Curtis Cost is a medical journalist from New York, USA who has written extensively about the AIDS controversy, and the dangers of vaccines. Mister Cost travels around America doing speaking engagements on the AIDS controversy, vaccines, and warning his audiences about the extreme dangers of vaccines, and AIDS drugs. Mister Cost doubts that the so called HIV virus even exists.

4 Joachim Cools is a health Practitioner from Inanda Dam South Africa who uses Tine Van Der Maas’s formula. He, and Tine are close associates. Mister Cools like Tine specializes in treating so called AIDS patients. Joachim claims his friend Fundani Ndlovu from Truth Action Campaign told him that he was informed by a National Inteligence Agency employee that agency would not bother him as long as he does not locate his health service practice in any major city like Johannesburg or Capetown. He allows clients fellow activists who are sick to stay at his residence while they are healing. He brings supplements and free Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice to the residences of some clients. The juice is based on Tine’s program/recipe. He says KwaNgcolosi where he lives is a magical place. He, Tine, and their volunteers are looking to change KwaNgcolosi into an organic paradise.

5 Mike Hersee from Luton UK is one of the co founders of the London Chapter of Health Education AIDS Liaison (H.E.A.L.). H.E.A.L. is an international organization that provides outreach, support groups, counseling, and legal support services for people who have been traumatized and have suffered debilitating health effects due to the AIDS scam. The UK Chapter of H.E.A.L. is offering a reward of 50,000 Pounds to the first person who can prove that the so called HIV virus exists.

Copyright April 2010 Truther Sean Hardin

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