The Art of Gene Expression Profile and Exploration

Coupled with the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2001, microarray technology opened up unprecedented opportunities for genome-wide assessments of gene expression, the molecular manifestation of genotype and environment. Today, microarrays have become ubiquitous in searching for candidate genes and pathways of biomedical interest. High-throughput microarrays are commercially available at a rapidly decreasing price and innovations continue to increase reproducibility, dynamics, and specificity. Furthermore, microarray platforms allow molecular biologists to simultaneously test a large number of hypotheses based on differential expression of tens thousands genes, which requires modern statistical inference. The evolution and refinement of such experiments in the last decade have not only made functional genomics and clinical genomics feasible, but also changed how molecular biologists utilize computational systems. From hybridization and data extraction to clustering and network analysis, this 3D animation is inspired by microarray experiments and illustrates the surprising beauty of a complex gene expression profile.

Computer Graphics by Ashwin Kulothungun

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