Two monumental Bibles mark the transition from pen to press: one of the greatest illuminated manuscripts and the most famous first printed book are paired for exploration in this insightful interactive experience.

In the Great Hall of the Library of Congress, two monumental Bibles face each other as if in dialogue: one, the Giant Bible of Mainz, signifies the end of the handwritten book; and the other, the Gutenberg Bible, marks the beginning of the printed book and the explosion of knowledge and creativity it would engender. The exhibition explores the significance of the two Bibles, and the interactive stations next to them each provide access to many of the pages within. Visitors can compare and contrast many different elements and themes in each Bible, reveal curatorial insight throughout, zoom in and out of the details of many pages, and browse sixteen selected Bibles from the library’s large Bible collection.

For complete project credits visit:

Library of Congress

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