I was in NYC with the intent of going to AENY.ORG last week and the bonus was to be in town for the great East Coast DSLR meetup with Philip Bloom!

My plan of action was to shoot this timelapse on the New Jersey side and as soon as the sun set i would rush into Time Square to meet with the rest of the hundreds of people to shoot and drink with Philip Bloom...

Unfortunately, the timelapse got the better of me but i think that it was the right choice to see this through.

I've been extremely excited at having come across a brilliant musician who goes by the moniker Seams.

His beautiful EP of ambient glitchy dreamy electronic Nightcycles + RMXS was actually the score that covered most of the 7hrs i was shooting this timelapse. Luckily, he was very willing to contribute an actual score to the final video. His work is fantastic so check it out.

Music by Seams seamsmusic.com

Canon 5D Mark II
Sigma 28-70 F2.8

6hrs Interval 2sec (with a whole bunch of glitches :) )

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