BREAKING THE SILENCE (English subtitles)

Infanticide (the practice of intentionally killing a child) still exists today in some indigenous tribes. This is a polemic matter, which is contested and by some treated as an untruth or a rare occurrence. On the other hand there are researches who defend that infanticide is a custom that is part of the tribal culture and needs to be maintained.
It is not the goal of this documentary to make a moral judgment about the practices of tribal Indian cultures. BREAKING THE SILENCE proposes to listen to, and register the manifestations of Indians who do not want to practice infanticide but want to be heard and assisted.
At the instance that an Indian manifests his wishes (especially when they are in accordance to the Human Right Declaration), the society has the obligation to interact with him and bring solutions and alternatives for the practice of infanticide.

Directed by the indigenous journalist Sandra Terena, this documentary is the result of more than two years of interviews in various regions of Brazil. Because the director herself is a tribal Indian, the choice was made to only register the reports of Indians who have personally experience the suffering caused by infanticide.

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