Networking is the modern day term for referrals, shared information, contacts and prospecting. Whatever word is used, the concept is still the same. You want to build your business by including contacts of those people who surround you. Whether you are attending social events or social networking on the internet it all leads to touching others and sharing in the gift of communication.


Focus on all the sources that you know:

Start with people from your past, high school, college, past jobs, past competitors or vendors, potential networking contacts.

Meet new people through social networking on the internet, community groups and functions.

Learn how to build an online community through the internet on sites like Facebook, My Space, etc.

Think about the people who will benefit when you succeed with your goals and enroll them in your vision.

Now take your attention off of you and offer to help them build their business and achieve their goals and dreams. By doing so, your dreams, your goals and your plans will be fulfilled a lot faster.


Today make a list of organizations, clubs, people that will benefit from your success and get out there and communicate. Share your vision and your inspiration with all those around you.

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