Since the days of the Talmud, we have asked ourselves where we should focus our attentions – on ourselves or on the other? In our generation, these questions have taken on a new urgency brought on by the combination of the economic downturn, the high cost of Jewish living, the drift (or rush) away from traditional institutions, and the ease of assimilation. Are current efforts to fund service on the mark and consistent with our Jewish mission or a distraction?

The concluding panel of the 2010 Jewish Funders Network summit included thinkers and activists whose work take varying paths toward answering these historic questions in today’s context. If not now, when?

Rachel Levin, Assoc. Dir., Righteous Persons Foundation
Jon Rosenberg, CEO, Repair the World
Jack Wertheimer, Professor, Jewish Theological Seminary

Moderated by Gary Rosenblatt, Editor and Publisher, The Jewish Week

©2010 Jewish Funders Network & Repair the World. Used with permission.

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