A ride on the trolley on a rainy evening brings a group of strangers together in bizarre and magical ways.

This film was shot entirely in a studio using poor man's process on a junkyard transit bus. Hoses were rigged around the windows to make the rain. Projection screens were raised outside all the windows to create the illusion of the twinkling city passing by. And someone was up on the roof of the bus rocking it back and forth. The rest of the illusion was filled out with sound design.

FUN FACT: All the sounds of the old trolley bus were recorded in Vancouver, BC in 2008, just before this line of trollies was discontinued forever.
In Transit is the last living record of a dead sound.

My graduating film project from Simon Fraser University.
Vancouver, BC. CANADA 2008.

Shot on an Arri SR2 with Super16 gate, 25 & 50mm lenses.
Kodak 100D Ektachrome, cross-processed.
Transferred to Apple ProRes HQ.

r a m s h a c k l e pictures.

written, directed & edited by Daniel J. Pierce

cinematography by Andrew Gavel

sound design by Adrian Underhill

original music by Peter A. Bowles

RT: 12:45

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