This university project explores the idea of belief systems. More specifically, the conflict and debate caused by differing belief systems in our society.

I decided to look at two of our most prominent and contradicting systems of belief, one being religion and the other being science. Both science and religion offer us options on what we perceive as reality and help us understand the world around us, but both are based on different ways of interpreting information. These differences have lead to some of the biggest, longest debates in human history.

I wanted to capture the feeling of being in the middle of one of these debates. To achieve this I needed to create the idea of there being two sides of a debate, using religion as one side and science as the other.

To do this I have created two contrasting, visual identities to represent the two sides of a debate. The first uses familiar, everyday environments and objects. The second is a more abstract environment bearing more of a resemblance to a computer interface. The juxtaposition of these two visual identities visually mimics the audio of numerous voices, overlapping to have their opinion heard.

I wanted to keep the themes of conflict, contradiction and opposites running through the piece.

Sound and animation by me.

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