lecture by Mette Ramsgard Thomsen in the frame of the digital.material seminar April 25 2010

exhibition digital.material

an exhibition by CITA
dates: 23.04 - 23.05 2010
venue: ROM Gallery - Maridalsveien 3 - 0178 Oslo - Norway

The exhibition digital.material explores how non-standardised design practices can make new use of old materials. Developing bespoke interfaces for digital design and fabrication the exhibition investigates how digital techniques allow us to rethink the traditional boundaries between architect and builder, designer and craftsman.

Digital media is often seen as a way to abstract the world. But in design and fabrication digital tools allow for a new closeness between design and making. As manufacturing becomes increasingly computer controlled and as better and more solid interfaces between the design space and fabrication mature, a more integrated working practice arises. To enter into this practice, and to make use of its knowledge sharing and its ability to create new more sustainable building practice that lie outside the mass produced and the standardised, it is necessary to integrate this new practice into architectural thinking, designing and making.

digital.material explores a new material nearness into our practice. Through this exhibition we ask: how do we engage with this material sense, how can better crafts knowledge challenge our design paradigms and what happens when the architect become tool builder defining individualised design tools for non standardised making.

ROM Kunst + Arkitektur
Maridalsveien 3
N-0178 Oslo


TLF: +47 22 20 88 86
FAX: +47 22 20 88 87

supported by:

Nordisk, Trebyggeriet.no, KnippersHelbig.de

thanks for collaboration to:

University of North Carolina, Prof. Christoph Gengnagel (UDK Berlin - Lehrstuhl für Konstruktives Entwerfen und Tragwerkslehre), Bentley Systems, Ide-Pro Engineering, Kristoffer Josephson (TU Berlin Chair for Mathematics), HSB Systems, Hundegger GmbH, Beyer Teknik, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Tine Nordahl, Nicola Markhus

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